Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Roving Caricature Job

Do a birthday party at Shangri-la Hotel last week. As a professional event artist, you may need to prepare related tools while you do caricature in the related event, one of the common circumstances was client asked you to from doing stationary way to roving way, you properly need a drawing board to clip your paper to do it. For my case, I usually do black & white drawing, hence I just have a custom made waist pouch to put my wax pens and the plastic bag while asked to do roving way.

I think for those who draw in colors, they might need a special design costume or pouch with many portion that able to put their color drawing pens. In my view, that was not easy to do color drawing in a roving way.

Up to now, what I mentioned above is just the basic setting about roving caricature.

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