Monday, March 17, 2008

Some slow service of the food court at Terminal 3

I keep having me lunch at the food court of Terminal 3 of Singapore Changi Airport almost a week, I realized few stalls was not friend or not interesting service their customer, maybe most of them are part-time or per-hourly pay worker, when I and other foreign customer go to their stall, like one of the fish ball noodle stall, the men who sell the noodle looks not even interest to do our business!

They seriously bring down Singapore’s image; especially it happened at the “Number one, Best Airport in the World”!

Look! This main beverage stall having so many staffs, but I was taken 25 minutes to queue for my cup of coffee after they served 7persons in front me!

Look at “Ya Kun” coffee stall, less staffs, much more effective, their staffs work very hard and enthusiastic, so do other stalls, be3cause they understand most of the customer might be rushing for their plane!

These are my lunch!

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