Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Rainny day

Rainny day
I was quite sometime did not go Orchard for busking (doing caricature and silhouette cutting at the street). Basically, since last two years, the weather was changed a lot; if I am not wrong, 60% of time in year 2006 was raining, and 20% of time was having hazel due to Indonesia’s forest fire, in year 2007, most of the time was raining as well.

As street artist rules down here, we can’t work under the building’s shelter, because it belonging to private property; most of us work at an open space, maybe the most was under the tree or in the underpass.

As a caricaturist, I cannot do my drawing in the underpass which “raining-proof”, because it will be attract lots publics surrounding the place when I am drawing a customer; the crowd will jammed the whole underpass.

During my 4 years as street artist live (since 2004) I had learned how to watch the sky to decide if it will be rain during my working day, that means doing street art is very depending on the weather.

Singapore is a tropical country, was raining often. I realized that it will be raining down here after the earthquake happened in Indonesia every time.

Nowadays, the weather in Singapore seems like if not a rainy day, it will be having sunny day for a week or more, the weather became heat, otherwise if will keep raining for 3 or more days mostly.

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