Sunday, March 9, 2008

Face Reading at Singapore Changi Airport

I had luckily hired in the Singapore Changi Airport’s passenger entertainment 15 days event, started from 7th Mar. My event manager organizer told me I in-charge of palm reading, but when I brought to my working booth, I been informed actually in-charge of face reading! Luckily I learnt that for long time, but the display boards which I prepared was palm reading only! I had prepared my face reading display board yesterday night after gone back home.

First 2 days I had been arranged at “Budget Terminal”, I supposed doing my face reading session at Terminal 3 then Terminal 2 from tomorrow onwards, but when I completed my job, I was instructed keep working at budget terminal tomorrow.

Terminal 3 and Terminal 2 which is normal class to highest class of air plane’s terminal, I wish Monday I will be arranged doing my session either at terminal 2 or terminal 3, because I am not a “budget” fortune teller seriously.

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