Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Caricature drawing

Drawing caricature for public was not an easy job. It was different from dinner and dance or those special occasion parties or events. The public was come from all levels of educated people, means not everyone appreciates or know your art, whether you are an junior art student or you are a senior professor with doctorate/ master degree in art etc, the person being drawn in public events could give you a bad comment without thinking who you are, unless you are an Caucasian, a very foreigner looks artists, then they will treat you in a different way, this is the real world in Singapore.

I like the Malay guests, in my caricature artist life, they are the best, because they always respect you, respect your art, local Chinese, other than those nice peoples, they will give bad comment you on the spot in front of you regardless they are well educated or not; at least this is common in Singapore as my personal experience.

Basically, any local caricaturist sure will experience the same thing before; they cannot deny it, not because my skill but is the artistic taste level of the person being drawn. Those caricaturists who laugh at me for this, they actually insulting themselves, because they can’t avoid the same thing as what it happened to me; my 16 years experiences in the event industry confirmed this.

A senior art lecture said I can’t even draw side view caricature after he viewed my event; ops! I am not narrowing minded as him, because majority guest do not know how their side view looks like, they can’t accept the side view caricature. I searched many caricaturists’ website, few artist do it in side view.

I do not do any “special effect” for the guest being drawn (like pull the face long or wide) because most of the people cannot accept it. Other caricaturists who laugh at me, end up also do the drawing without add in “special effect”, because of the pressure from the guests. This is not western country, people can’t really accept they caricature being drawn in a surprise way.

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