Sunday, December 5, 2010

Event Live Caricaturist

Can a caricaturist who do live drawing for events during dinner and dance, family days, production launch events and etc able to making big money? In my past years experiences till today, the answers is no; I repeat again: not every day every month having events that need caricaturist.

If you really thinking making lots money by doing fringe activities through event's booking, then you probably have to do like this new immigrant family from China, they really charge low rate and do all kinds of fringe items that demand by the event market which are: caricature, silhouette cutting, Chinese calligraphy, henna painting, airbrush tattoo and whatever known event fringe arts items, varnishing foods and whatever fringe art items that within and beyond your imagination, I guess that if for sure you can make big money.

So you will be always occupied event booking because any events companies sure need one of your fringe art service for their event.

I only emphasized on doing live caricature for such events, and since events and entertainment is a show business, most of them hired mainly to create the atmosphere for the events and expect us produce a big volume of drawings for the guests during our booking. So I always challenge myself with "minimum time frame to produce a maximum quality" of live caricature during the event working hour. I always try to complete it within 2-3 minutes for each A4 size black & white drawing with my familiar medium.
Within 2-3 minutes live caricature, try my best to produce a look-alike drawing in my style, just try to create some fun in this show business.I am not tend to offend any one, but just try to highlight that you definite can't compare your studio drawing's quality with my 2-3minutes live drawing, it is totally different thing, you only shown your childish jealous character, not professional at all and will be laugh be many other professionals in this trait. Just like a Restaurant Chef would never compare his dish with the standard of food that bought from hawker center. Unless you not deny you are an amateur artist that totally unable to differentiate what is live drawing for the show business, what is chargeable personal live drawing and what is called studio drawing.

If you believe you are an established and famous artist, you would not try your best to grab such little income of event live drawing job by talking bad of other artists, or do whatever bad thing or throw whatever black magic to kick anyone out.

Just by doing only live caricature drawing in events, can't make big money, just for example during 6.30pm-7.30pm at the weekend you can only do one job at place, so how much you can made during this day on 6.30pm-7.30pm?

For example like established and famous caricaturist Mr Einstein, he emphasize on his Media production or stage live drawing performance, or like our Singapore's famous portrait artist Mr Siew Hock Meng, a piece of artwork cost $1000- $10000 or more, you would never see them appear on dinner and dance or family day events doing free drawing for the guests which hired by the event company.

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