Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2-3minutes live caricature for opening event

Did an company opening event at Marina Bay Sand(MBS) which engaged by event company. The official opening surely was chosen by the specialist that happen in a lucky auspicious date and time: 8th December, 7.28pm (I think must be Cantonese "一於发" similar to "Sure Win") and having 8 lions dances for their opening ceremony.I only emphasize on live 2-3 minutes caricature drawing for events, I always avoid offline studio caricature drawing because my character made myself doing offline studio drawing in a super slow way. So guaranty I would not affect Jit, Kamal Dollah and Reggie One's caricature drawing business; since I I started from 1990 till now ;p.My "Ginseng Chicken Soup Ramen" at Marina Bay Sand's newly opened food court. It was delicious.That was great I really seen this China Ramen master doing my Ramen noodle in front of me ;pSee! Real China Master! I highly respect real China Master!

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