Thursday, January 5, 2012

Chinese Rainbow Calligrapher

Looking for Chinese Rainbow Calligrapher? Below are three rainbow calligrapher i often met in the event:

Yip's Rainbow Calligraphy
I know Dorby Yip and Angela Yip many years, ther were from Hong Kong, and they are doing Rainbow calligraphy since their Grandparent's generation, and they are having siblings that station at Japan, Dubai and India besides in Honh Kong, I am very sure they are the best Chinese Rainbow Calligrapher in my 21 year's entertainer life so far. Their unique writing pattern and their standard A5 size art pieces became many new comer's copying tar Their website is:

Lim's Rainbow Calligraphy
I met My Lim many times in the event, Mr Lim was from China and had been in Singapore more then 15 years if not wrong, he had been doing his Rainbow Calligraphy in Clark Quay many years (He had moved out after Clark Quay's mayor renovation)

Ren Yin Yin
Had been about 6 years or more who do event and have a store in China town.

If all of them booked, then you have to go China Town to look for those who have a store down there, all of them from China.


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