Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Singapore Zoo - How to get there from Ang Mo Kio

At a resident near Ang Mo Kio MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) station, I met at least one tourist per week who wait at the wrong bus station while they wanted to go Singapore Zoo.

Everyone of them thought whatever bus stop they found immediately outside Ang Mo Kio MRT is the right one to take 138 to Singapore Zoo.

Thought as First World Country, Bus number 138 which going to Singapore Zoo, is actually located in a fully air-conditioned bus interchange, which inside AMK HUB, which a red color building shopping mall just next to Ang Mo Kio Mrt (Mass Rapid Transit).

Remember to look at your left hand side before you step out from the MRT train you sure can see this red color building.Take note that once you came out from the MRT gate, you will see an escalator that link to AMK Hub and Ang Mo Kio Interchange. This is the right way to go.


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