Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Caricature for Event

Did caricature at Swissotel for Airtel'e event.Met Desmond Ng doing caricature in the event as well, and his latest name now is Anthony after using Kent Ng, then Andrew Ng and now his name is Anthony Ng, not sure what will be his latest name ;p

Desmond Ng Cheng Eng, which had been in the event industry as caricaturist about 15 years long, I remember I met him about my fifth year doing event which about year 1995, in Neptune theater Singapore, which a very common place for dinner and dance. Neptune theater became Fullerton One nowadays.

I can remember so well because Desmond Ng Cheng Eng given me a strong impression on the very first time I met him, because he is having a very unique character that easily made people having unforgettable memory, basically he he very well known in the event industry. Haahaa!This client is one of the sponsor of F1, so there were some models getting ready to take photo with the arriving guests.There are lion dans performance and accompanied with special "Big Head Doll"

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