Sunday, August 1, 2010

Event Caricature and Queue Control

Doing caricature in the event under "Free Drawing" category, as a caricaturist, we not just purely in-charge doing the free drawing for the guests during our booking hour, we need to know how to control the queue effectively.

Usually, in the last 30 minutes of my drawing session I will check the queuing guests and cut the queue by telling them I can only draw that much of people within the last 30 minutes and give respectively paper to each guests in the queue that I am able to completed within 30 minutes.

At this moment, you can found many people in the queue who wanted the free drawing became very "creative" like asking if can squeeze 2 or more persons in a drawing so they can get more people being done.

Frankly speaking, most of the time I insists only 1 person allowed to be drawn in an individual piece of paper is because 2 or more people being drawing in same piece of paper will take longer time, it involved time taken in positioning of the persons being drawn and the right scale size of the heads to be drawing in this paper, it definitely not suitable for an event that having big crowd and queues with limited working time frames.

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