Monday, August 2, 2010

Event Caricature and Queue Control II

Unable to do Caricature for Sleeping Children/Baby
I found sleeping children or baby was very difficult to do.

In live quick caricature, the outcome of a sleeping baby or children was bad; thought such caricature only can be done in studio that having plenty of time, not in an event that having crowded and long queue.
Moreover, after you spent big effort to try it out, the parents will tell you: "Doesn't looks like at all!" Hence I strictly not doing any sleeping children or baby; such type of drawing, beside studio works and for editorial purpose, it belonging to fine art drawing, not suit for live caricature at all; unfortunately, lots guests in the event did not understand this.

Not Drawing photos or photos from mobile phone which given by the guests during Live Caricature
Many people thought during our live caricature drawing session, we can be able to draw their wife/husband/children's caricature (whom not presented in this event) from their mobile phone since they queue. Thought they did not understand that we taking much longer time to draw caricature from a photo due to a photo was giving limited info compare with the real person, moreover, the photo's quality, the clearness of the photo, when the photo being taken, the angle of the photo etc could caused us spend more then 25 minutes to produce the drawing.
We are hired to entertain the guests that attended this event with a limited time frame of booking, the organiser can't afford us only entertain 2-3 guests in an hour's booking for a 20pax -900pax (or more)'s event.

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