Sunday, June 27, 2010

Feng Shui Problem

I was very happy to do a show that meeting many other senior portrait/caricaturists in late April.Unfortunately, after that show, my luck became very bad, which I had many late payment, very poor booking and that was very strange that all people unable to transferred the payment to my DBS account after this job done(in April) till last week (late June)!!! Ouchi!

I just overheard one old man told his friend in the MRT :"If your house was very messy, your money will be stuck!"

Hmm....while I went home last Sunday after hearing this old man's words, I realized my house was really super messy! No wonder my $ was super "Jialat" (bad) lah!
(One photo of my house that was 'not so messy', heehee!)So I was try my best to tody up may house and seems it works! Finally I got some last minutes booking in the last week of this June! Phew!
June is supposes one of the peak month for our event artists, but it really super strange for me.

In this inccident, I realised I must not lazy and always need to keep my house clean and tidy! Heehee!

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