Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Time Wasted, Money Wasted Job

Most of the time I do not like to take any caricature drawing by order, I emphasizing on doing live drawing during event booking,this is because such drawing was time consuming and it could be a risk to get rejected due to client having their own standard or preferences.

Just like this job I did yesterday, an event company asked for help and I thought just do it since I had did for them few times, even though they only call my for this once a year.
Client asked the person being drawn in Maradona's football attire and hair style, I had told them if I change the hairstyle of the photo given from client, the output result might not be acceptable by them, (because most of the clients may not have professional artistic visual level) they might not feel it will looks alike of the photo given, moreover sometime the photo given could be real big different from the current look of the real person (the photo could be taken by many years ago).

The event people in charge asked me to go ahead to draw Maradona's hair on this bald hair guy.

Yup! they rejected my drawing as what i predicted.

Checked with my caricaturists friends, checked with my art director friends, checked with my 3D animator friends, their comments was my drawing looks alike with the photo given; our conclusion: Client unable to accept the bald hair person being draw with different hair style!


1. Got Zero cents although I had spent 2 hours to search Maradona's photo, and also need to get approval from client.
2. Spend few hours to art shops to get the suitable board(Cost S$11 ++) to be mount
3. Spent of the good quality water color paper (cost S$9 ++)
4. Spent on Transport fees
5. Spent 4 hours to draw
6. Spent 1 hour to do the mounting and stick cover paper

Would not take in any such job in future except double the price and full non-refundable deposit before I start any move!

Hiak! HiaK!

1 comment:

Rae said...

Welles, dont jump gun..
Not all events people are like that. Ask for a deposit always for commisioned work - at least that should cover all expenses.

you are one of the best caricature artist in singapore!!

btw the drawing looks like suriaymoorthy - is tat him hahahahaaha


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