Sunday, June 28, 2009

Drawing Caricature Using Two Hands

Just did an event at Sentosa this morning, one of the guests told me he came across a female caricaturist using doing her caricature using two hands drawn in marker as well. That was not my first time hearing someone else using two hands to draw in recent years. Talking about drawing caricature using two hands in Singapore, I am very sure to say I am the first person who doing it in the events since 1990 till now.As an ambidextrous, I did not feel special proud or can be arrogant some sort, because drawing or writing using two hands, just a very common matters, as common as like this world having twins, those people who having 6 fingers in each of their hands etc.Anyone also can be draw or write using both hands simultaneously as long as they willing to train themselves.

Anyway, I will be very proud and very arrogant once I successful to train myself using my foot or whatever other body parts to hold a pen to draw. Heehee!

Nothing to be surprise that during recent years, more and more caricaturists join the events and entertainment industry, more and more artists copy each others and became much more competitive in the limited market in Singapore. Hence, sooner or later, you will seeing many ‘two handed’ caricaturists in Singapore or it could made Singapore became ‘The most Caricaturists Drawn using two hands in the World’ haahaa!

People who can draw or write using their both hands at the same time, I think should be 30% or more in our whole world’s population, definitely not only 1% existing in this world, haahaa!

End of the day, the quality and the originality creation of the artwork is the most important criteria being a professional.


Caroline said...

It's amazing that you can draw with both of your hands!

w.kriangkrai said...

Cool,it's fantastic draw.

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