Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Doing Event in Costume

Except Chinese cultural theme related event like Chinese paper cutting or fortune telling, I seldom wear a special costume do my caricature or silhouette cutting during event, unless the costume was subsidies by event company or client.

Basically, I still wear a vest and artist hats with or without suspender, which is the basic event caricaturist or silhouette cutting artist’s professional attire.

Few years ago, I wear a vest for every of my event booking, then recently I wear artist hat for my event. More and more caricaturist wears hats while doing their events recent years. I am not the first one who wear hats doing events, I remember the first person I saw who wear his red colour artist hats during event is Eric Ng in about at least 12 years ago. Anywhere, the pioneer caricaturist Einstein in Singapore is an artist who never wear hat while doing his show in my memory (thought he wear colourful costume instead).

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