Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Season and Chinese New Year 2009

You can see many places having Christmas decorations around the streets and shopping malls.Anyway, the decorations will be replaced by the coming next year Chinese New year decorations very soon once the Christmas day passed, because usually Chinese New Year fall on 4th- 6th on February, but next year 2009, the eve of Chinese New Year fall on 26th of January! There were some event companies check the items and date availabilities during next year’s Chinese New Year’s period.


Philange Sher Delacour said...

If I have chance to see you!!
I wish you can drow a picture of portraiture
of me. ~^_^~
Cos you are so talented.

vins said...

i think your photo is more interesting...
erm.. actually is ur blog are interesting

thanks ya comment.

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