Thursday, May 1, 2008

Preparing stuffs for a Caricature + Silhouette Cutting Job at Bali

I am hiring by a client’s wedding dinner at Bali! Wow! I am Lucky! My very first time going to Bali! The basic dress code required by client in all white.

I had bought and prepared my attire in all white, thought I still need to prepare my pouch for putting my stuffs during my roaming or walk around caricature drawing or silhouette cutting. Time flies like arrow, hardly find white pouch! Ouch! How to change my black color pouch to white color?Heehee! Luckily I bought a "Singer" branded sewing machine 2 months ago! Thru my “kindergarten” sewing skill, finally sew a white cloth on my black pouch! Heehee!I am not talking cock ok! It’s real! See this ticket! Hia Hia Hia!

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