Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Figure drawing art pieces

I was long time did not do figure drawing due to busy working. Being a painting artist, one of the problems was how to keep your art pieces. I just re-arrange my figure drawing art pieces; recently, it was very headache how to keep those art pieces due to more and more art pieces growing, because I do not having a big house which having lots of space. Haa haa!Pastel portrait, did it about 3 years ago if not wrong at Yishun Community Centre; someone commented totally doesn’t looks like at all.My experimental mix media, abstract figure drawing, did it in La-Salle SIA, about 4 years ago, the size about something like 1 meter X less than 1 meter.Acyrlic + Pastel, about 1meter X less than 1 meter.

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