Saturday, March 29, 2008

Caricature for Dinner & Dance at Swissotel

Completed a caricature for Soxal Sport and Social Club’s Dinner & Dance 2008
It was great tom met airbrush tattoo artist Ivan and Lily in the event. They did a wire crafts art for my name and given me as a souvenir.

My Metaphysics Teachers

Talking about metaphysics, I preferred keep it in low profile, unfortunately, when come to event jobs issues, some people tried to stab behind me, I force to show some pictures about my metaphysics masters.

People who study metaphysics which commonly called “fortune telling”, was very emphasize on “karma”, which he who do good thing and have a good heart, he will get the good thing and better luck in his life and vice versa.

2 of my teachers whose in Fengshui, Bazi and related subjects: Master Yang Zhong Han and Master Hua Yibo (from China).My I-ching master: Master Huang Jian (from China).Great to meet Master Ye Qing Hai from Malaysia.And my different metaphysics class photos.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


China? Yes and Nope.
Took this picture at Suntec City Singapore instead of China!

China? “Shao-Lin Temple”? Nope! It is a biggest temple at China Town Singapore! If just see this photo, thought you can’t tell it was taken in Singapore, some more photos can be found in my mobile photo blog.

Kampong Glam, Bussorah Street

Passing by Arab Street, Kampung Glam, it was having an even there!The henna artist doing henna drawing for tourist.I like to see this cool jeep every time I passing by this street!

I can relax now!

I had completed the long series of fortune telling event! It was so great to meet different passengers from different countries during this 15 days event in Singapore Changi Airport’s “Lucky Charm” special events. I am going to miss “my” super extra huge “office”! Heehee!And enjoy my foods!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Face reading, Palm reading, Fortune Card Reading

I am so happy to have this chance to do my fortune telling for Singapore Changi Airport’s special event -- “Lucky Charm”. The best thing was I had sharpen my skills and experiences during the past days fortune reading for the passenger and exchange my experience with other type of fortune telling masters.

Some passengers was tried Crystal stone fortune telling, numerology, fortune card reading, palm reading, face reading, their comments was almost the same from each of us! This mad me realized one thing: whether you read your fortune in what way, the result most likely are same, just more or less info being told by different fortune teller.

Some slow service of the food court at Terminal 3

I keep having me lunch at the food court of Terminal 3 of Singapore Changi Airport almost a week, I realized few stalls was not friend or not interesting service their customer, maybe most of them are part-time or per-hourly pay worker, when I and other foreign customer go to their stall, like one of the fish ball noodle stall, the men who sell the noodle looks not even interest to do our business!

They seriously bring down Singapore’s image; especially it happened at the “Number one, Best Airport in the World”!

Look! This main beverage stall having so many staffs, but I was taken 25 minutes to queue for my cup of coffee after they served 7persons in front me!

Look at “Ya Kun” coffee stall, less staffs, much more effective, their staffs work very hard and enthusiastic, so do other stalls, be3cause they understand most of the customer might be rushing for their plane!

These are my lunch!

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Did a color caricature drawing in 28 inches length. There not rules in caricature that how must you draw it. I still more emphasize the likeness of the person being drawn.I had me lunch at the food court at Terminal 3 again, seem like everything I like to eat.Can’t stop eating even I feel full, I still like to eat this Chinese “xiu mai”; it taste nice compare with food court at other place.Nice designed recycle bin :)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lunch at Terminal 3

I had my lunch at the food court of terminal 3 at Singapore Changi Airport. That was many choices, and finally I decided to have the “Poppyes’ Chicken and biscuits” fast food.I choose the 2pcs chicken meal. The mean came with 1 soft drink, 2 pcs chicken and a “biscuit”+ fries. This “biscuit” taste not bad, outside is crispy but in side is soft and cheese tasted, like muffin; unfortunate, maybe I eat too fast, this “biscuit” was stick on the top part of my inner mouth, need to drink some water to “release the stick” biscuit.I am sorry to say, I still prefer Kentucky fried chicken :)p

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lucky Charm event at Changi Airport

I went to terminal 3 of change airport to have a further exploration today. It was much bigger as what I think!

Met May Toh, the dough figuring artistand Numerology and tarot card master Renae!I had one day doing my face reading cum palm reading at Terminal 2, but based the latest schedule, I will be back to in-charge budget terminal until the end of the event :(Basically, I also met other metaphysic masters in this big event, including Master Adelina Pang who present Fengshui Talk, palmist like Master Chuan, Master Khor, Master Yuki, Master Mohana, Crystal Stones Reading Master Paul, Color card reading Master Kira…wow! Big event!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Singapore Changi Airport - Terminal 3

I went to Singapore Changi Airport quite early today before I start me work at budget terminal today, I went to Terminal 3, the new terminal to have a look. This terminal was really big! Thought Terminal 3 was slightly or bigger then terminal 2 and terminal 1. It was very interesting to being here, because everything seems new, the feeling was real fresh!This picture looks like those architect preview illustration!Other portions of Terminal 3.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Face Reading at Singapore Changi Airport

I had luckily hired in the Singapore Changi Airport’s passenger entertainment 15 days event, started from 7th Mar. My event manager organizer told me I in-charge of palm reading, but when I brought to my working booth, I been informed actually in-charge of face reading! Luckily I learnt that for long time, but the display boards which I prepared was palm reading only! I had prepared my face reading display board yesterday night after gone back home.

First 2 days I had been arranged at “Budget Terminal”, I supposed doing my face reading session at Terminal 3 then Terminal 2 from tomorrow onwards, but when I completed my job, I was instructed keep working at budget terminal tomorrow.

Terminal 3 and Terminal 2 which is normal class to highest class of air plane’s terminal, I wish Monday I will be arranged doing my session either at terminal 2 or terminal 3, because I am not a “budget” fortune teller seriously.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Just a day

When to Registry of Companies at Tanjung Pagar , International Plaza to do some stuff of my company, as long as I go that area, I must eat the mutton curry from "Nan Nan Curry" at the 5th floor food court that link to Amara Hotel!When to IT Show 2008 at Suntec City, quite crowded, I intend to buy a Mp3 player; after looking a round, found that too many choices, can’t made decision which one to buy. Good branded Mp3 player mostly can play up Mp4 music but is higher price, I found one unknown branded was much more function that any good branded, but do not know how long it can be long lasted. Met Mc Guire of A Lucas Events doing his promotion show!After a meaty lunch, I should have a more vegetables dinner! So I choose to eat the Korean food “Bibimbak”.
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