Friday, November 14, 2014

Caricature Drawing for Event

Did caricature drawing for event at Sheraton Tower yesterday.
Some of my artworks included some other days work.

One of the parents put all my drawing on the wall in a birthday party.

My caricature drawing is my drawing style, I think as long as it look cute, the works do by my heart and not copy American style, is still can call caricature, in face, any works that do it from your heart, it count, nothing is "Certified Style" which mean "Only exaggerated drawing can be call caricature", the person said this word which do not understand what is art, or just try to insult any of us who not copy American drawing style.

Moreover, talk bad other artists to make people believe they are the best, that is very low class people.

Look! Below this caricature photo taken in KLIA airport when I went Kuala Lumpur last week. It was very nice and feel very comfortable,it is caricature to me.I would say, exaggerated drawing style, was depend on certain type of event or those studio drawing for certain purpose.

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