Monday, September 8, 2014

Roving Caricature for a Company Family Day

Did very early morning Roving caricature for a company's family day at Sentosa last week.
Thought nowadays not much caricaturists can do their caricature in roving style, which walking around to serve the guests because do caricature in roving style required experience and techniques.

Some experienced caricaturist cant lower down themselves because they do it for hobby and as well as because they are big boss that owning big company, not nice to let any client seen them "walk around to serve the guests", haahaa!

I seen some new caricaturists do roving as well, but end up they will find a place that can sit down (almost all of them that I came across, maybe their boss not around that's why, work in half hearted mood) and get to guests go to them, thought because doing caricature in roving style, is quiet tiresome and many things to be considered.

Why we need to be do roving? It could be due to the event setting, like got limited space, or try to made the entertainment more fun more life etc.
Some of the photos in Sentosa ;p

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