Monday, April 15, 2013

Some Food I Ate

Went JB today and ate this Char Siew Rice at the street next to Pelangi Plaza.  Just realised it was very delicious! This is my first time I had my lunch at this stall. I like it because the Char Siew is juicy and not sort of dyed meat in red color and dry meat type as we usually ate in Singapore's food court or hawker centre. Of course if come with the fat part as well, for those do not like fat meat definitely won't like it.
Basically there were many other well known food stall/shops/restaurant at this street like the Bee Hoon Kueh, Jia Jia Dim Sum and E&Y Indian restaurant.

After check the internet, this stall which selling Char Siew rice is at :
55, Jalan Kuning 2, Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru.

You can't see the stall from the road because it blocked by other stall.
Saw this sort of electrical box device at Pelangi Plaza, near the traffic light area, found the shape of rusty area just like a dog in cartoon caricature style! Heehee!
This is what I talking about! Heehee!

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