Saturday, January 19, 2013

Caricature for Dinner and Dance at Pan Pacific Hotel

Just completed a caricature fringe arts at The Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore for Chanel's annual dinner. As my usual drawing style: using 2 hands to draw, my trade mark in the event industry.
I had been doing such drawing style since 1990, I am the only person who draw using both hands in Singapore so far.I am not the best artist in the industry but as long I have a chance to do the show, always try my best to ensure my quality and quantities within the booking hours.
There are always better artist appeared every second,nobody can control the world, everyone learn from scratch,anyone every heard any baby born from hospital and start to draw already? Heehee! The world is fair enough ;p
I don't teach, so anyone said he or she is my student or partner that using both hand to draw, is copycat and fake artists. There are so many caricaturists in the market now since around 3-4 years ago.
So many caricaturists doing event in the market, unfortunately, each of their standards was very big different according clients and some event companies feedback. Basically, there are too many event companies using cheapest artist so they can earn more, it had been caused a lots of problem. Anyway, seems getting cheapest artist is the current trend!

It depend what kind of guests you going to entertain for your event, your choice to go for quality artist or go for cheapest artist, "just someone show face as a caricaturist will do lah"! All depend on your budget of course ;p

Some of my work.


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