Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mid Autumn Chinese Paper Cutting

Just taken few hours to do research and spend few hours again to reproduce a Chinese paper cutting design that suits for the Mid Autumn Festival Theme.
The flower design was from clip art and the text and overall design and layout out was was by my own idea.
I spent about 4 hours to cut this 5 pieces stack of red paper artwork. The reason to stack 5 pieces paper to cut out the artwork because it able to produce 5 pieces art pieces at a time. The reason for 5pieces stacked of paper to be cut at a time is because based on normal human's hand strength, it was the reasonable thickness of the papers to be cut at a time by human hand.

Chinese Paper is a time consuming item. Hence, for fringe events activity wise, it was hard to produce on the spot like caricature drawing or silhouette cutting and etc.
I think Chinese paper cutting was one of the tough item for fringe activity, because it need really long hours to do the preparation if you demand on the quality.


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