Monday, October 10, 2011

Are You A Professional?

One of my entertainer friend which known about 15 years long recommend my caricature service to this world class and very famous boutique company for their coming charity event in Paragon Singapore recently.

I had emailed my works and photos of drawing with Singapore's past president and current Singapore's President, I had went to their office at Orchard Road to show do a live drawing and had interviewed by them; thought everything week before last last week and thought everything was fine since they told me the final approval have to be decide by Italy's main branch.

Whether I been selected or not, not important to me.

Last Thursday afternoon, one lady called my while I still in Bangkok waiting my flight back to Singapore, claimed she from this company (which their company name start with "G", a real world class boutique company!).

She told me I have to wear black attire in their charity event on 12 Oct, and I have to do roving caricature and must use black color drawing board. I wonder how come she called me for this since I already being told about all these while I had been interview by their Communication Manager who in charge Malaysia and Singapore branches at about 28th or 29th September.

She had questioned me some very insulting and unprofessional question:

"Are your attire look professional?" , "The drawing board you are using must be black color", "What bag you are using to put your drawing pens? Is it looks professional? It must look very professional!"

I found that was REALLY INSULTING QUESTION!!! Because I had emailed my related data to indicated that I had been doing my caricature drawing since 1990!

That was really strange that this world class boutique company had someone called me up to ask my such a question even if I already sent my job records and interviewed by their regional manager!!!!!!

Thought I might reflect this incident to their main branch which located at Italy!!!

The lady who called me was can't be understood! What's wrong with her that totally never deal with her colleagues before she call me?

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