Saturday, September 11, 2010

Roving Caricature

Just completed one roving caricature job at one of the Singapore's IR and met some event entertainers down there as well.Seems roving caricature was getting higher demand in our current market now, because many of the event companies was asking for roving caricature job.

In my view, roving job could be very easy and could be very tough job, it involved many experiences to handle the crowd, especially playing the role of crowd puller, entertain the public in an open area like the main entrance area of the huge size shopping mall or conference hall; these are the things you need to take note other than maintain your basic drawing skills.

Thought in the roving job session, for example, the caricaturist not just do his/her drawing and give to the guests/public, the balloonist not just making the balloons and give out just like that.

Since we already surrounded be the crowd (especially doing for the public) while we at work, we need to know how to present our artworks in a best way to increase our entertaining level, hence, we can call our self an entertainer, which much more than just an event artist.

My dinner of the day! Hiak hiak!

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