Thursday, July 8, 2010

World Cup Predition by Parrot

Just came across the news and realized many people in Singapore had predict the FIFA World Cup's win and loss for various teams as the Otopus Paul in oversea. According the news, the parrot's prediction was very accurate so far!

I think one of my friend Raju must having super business now! Heehee!According Raju, the Parrot is special trained in Indian and imported to Singapore.

Another guy whom I met during the event once, i don't know his name ;p


Nina said...

Story is not complete with out telling parrot's prediction.
Anywayz i do not think the indian trained parrot is good at predicting abt Soccer. They may be good in Cricket predictions.

Cool blog and looking forward to come back ....

Nina @

flosters said...

thanks for the awesome post.

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