Thursday, February 11, 2010

No Taxi from 9pm to 10pm at Great World City Shopping Centre

Went Great World City Shopping Center yesterday since was long time not being there.

After shopping, I decided to take a taxi back home, so I just took a queue at the taxi stand at 8.50pm. Seems few people was queuing there.

After 20 minutes, even I notice many taxi was passing by the road with "available" blue light on top of the taxi, they drive very fast and prevent to come into the shopping centre's taxi stand.

After 30 minute's waiting, finally I saw a taxi drive in to the taxi stand to drop off a passenger. After dropped off the passenger, the taxi driver set his "available" blue light "Taxi" to "Busy" red light! Many people in the taxi stand queue was making noise at the taxi stand at this moment.I had not taking taxi at this timing at least 4 years ago, unfortunately, 4 year's later in 2010 today, 9pm-10pm still one of the worst time to wait for a taxi, even though the casino is opening soon in Singapore.

I gave up after an hour's wait till 10.05pm at Great World City Shopping Center taxi stand, I just walked 30 minutes to Tiong Bahru MRT station and took MRT for my way home.

In my observation, those people in the queue was impatient to keep waiting and made a taxi booking, can see the taxi just arrive to pick the passenger within 3 minutes!

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